TimberGranny Now Available on iTunes – Free


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The Bitcoin Alphabet – for Kids and Everyone Else, by Chris Bozak

“The Bitcoin Alphabet- For Kids and Everyone Else” (by Chris Bozak) is an ABC-book that explains key concepts about Bitcoin to kids AND adults. Each page is filled with cartoons, illustrations and fun facts about the coming revolution in digital currency. This enhanced e-book includes music and autoplay mode. Here’s the link on iTunes.

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Kiss Vs Monsters Game by iKandy

iKandy Games recently teamed up with Universal Music and Nelson Wong Creative Consulting to create a monster-iffic game for Kiss. The KISS Monster campaign consisted of multiple viral marketing components that drove awareness and pre-release sales in the months leading up to the album launch. Virals included a twitter campaign that incentivized fans to “tweet” announcements about the new album, in doing so they qualified for the opportunity to win tickets and other prizes. Other components included pre-order sweepstakes and a stand-alone flash game that served as a platform to debut the band’s new singles.

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Zombie Piranhas Are Loose!

This the most ADDICTING zombie game on the iPad!!!Zombie Piranhas HD is a fast pace undersea fish-eating zombie evading roller coaster ride into undersea craziness.Charge up your battery because you will be playing all day long!

The goal of Zombie Piranhas is to eat as much “food” as as you can by tapping the board. The trouble is the more you eat the more Zombie Piranhas will spawn. Along the way you will get power ups that may give you the chance to eliminate some or all of the Zombie Piranhas in your way.

There are 24 different achievements to to unlock along the way. When you unload all of them there is a special feature that will unlock.

Also the more food you eat will go in to your Bank called Fish Bucks. And you can spend your star bucks in the store to buy power-ups that you can use when ever you want.

Keeps track of all your stats *food eaten * how many total taps * total time play * ratios and soooo much more.


- Unlimited re-playability
- 24 unlockable awards
- store to buy power-ups with your Fish Bucks
- full stats page to show all your gameplay stats.
- best score tracking

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Lords of Acid “Deep Chills” Game on iTunes & Android

Lords of Acid, the infamous techno band fronted by the legendary Praga Khan, has returned with Deep Chills, the group’s first new album in twelve years. But that’s not all, Deep Chills is now an app, a game, a concept album and an interactive comic book.

Based on the multi-paneled CD cover (a lampoon of the iconic R. Crumb Cheap Thrills for Janis Joplin & Big Brother) Deep Chills is a mind-expanding musical journey into Lords of Acid distinctive industrial, electronic, techno sound.

Embark on a shamanistic journey with the Medicine Man. Play the Vegas slot machine inspired Mary Queen of Slots. Shoot down teradactyls with molten lava in Hot Magma. Tap that booty in Pop That Tooshie. Open your third-eye with Children of Acid and uncover Daddy’s little secret in Long John’s. Little Mighty Rabbit is Doodle Jump on steroids. Communicate with discarnate entities in Paranormal Energy. Finally, collect beach balls and avoid crabs with the Surfin’ Hedgehog of porn, Ron Jeremy.

This unusual experiment in musical gaming return us to the days where the listener would stare at the magic of a vinyl album cover art, playing the songs and reading through liner notes over and over. Each song is a game unto itself with an undercurrent of humor, satire, sex, fun and an animated visualization of the lyrics. Albums and apps are natural partners, pointing to the future of pop music where the sound, vision, lyrics and user engagement create a totally brand new experience.

• Part game, part interactive comic book, part concept album
• Dark, stabbing, industrial/techno sound of Lords of Acid
• Lowbrow underground comic influenced art
• Fun, playful experiment in interactive music and gaming
• Ten mini-games based on ten addictive, soon-to-be-classic Lords of Acid tunes

Karl Kotas CD Art for Lords of Acid

Karl Kotas CD Art for Lords of Acid

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“Good Manners” iPad Interactive Book & Digital Toy

This is a new title from iKandy Games new imprint, iKandy Kids is our first title in a new suite of learning tools for toddlers. Targeted at ages 3- 7 the book/toy allows a child to read along, read by himself or just have fun with music, buttons and sound effects.

A great way to learn to reading and manners at the same time! Kids will love this interactive mini-book & digital toy. Join cute characters at dinner, the playground, and classroom as they learn sharing, kindness and respect. Choose voice-over mode, music mode or silence. For ages 3 to 7.

Click on this link to order it on iTunes.


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Skate Punk Bird Massacre

Skate Punk Bird Massacre” is an exciting frenzy of extreme skateboarding and over the top bird-killing.

Jump from building to building, shooting birds, blasting away rockets and blowing up BLIMPS! Jolts of caffein and falling garbage cans add to the mania. The excitement builds as you move from a present day urban skyline to a futuristic Blade Runner cityscape.

With hundreds of levels, “Skate Punk Bird Massacre” is the ultimate RUSH!


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